There is no separation between nature and human, our bodies are made of Earth's elements and will return to her soil. The illusion that we are anything other than the living cosmos creates a disharmony that we see in stress, disease and pollution. By listening to our own inherent rhythms and melodies and to those of our planet, we become in tune with our natural world and may effortlessly dance with life.

I come from the understanding that we are our own best teachers and healers, though it can be difficult to hear the quiet voice of the soul 's wisdom when living within concrete walls, roaring engines and boxy calendars. I offer guidance and tools to return you to your authentic voice, message and sound so you may easily:

• live your true nature
• make choices that are harmonious with your well-being
• discover who you truly are

Through guided meditation, creative process, astute listening and vocal practices, we uncover your unique wisdom, message, voice and, if you're ready, your soul's song. I offer individual recorded phone sessions or in-person recording sessions so you may have an audio file to play back whenever you need to remind yourself of who you truly are. It's transformative to hear yourself resonating in your authentic voice, speaking or singing your wisdom and truth, with or without instrumental accompaniment.

You may choose to keep this recording for your own empowerment or continue to master the recording for distribution. I will enhance and edit your recording and can accompany with instruments upon request.

For recorded audio samples and compositions go to: or listen to geasong.

Studio Instruments:
• crystal singing bowls
• tibetan singing bowls
• medicine drums
• classical guitars
• steel stringed guitars
• harps
• tuning forks
• ukelele
• djembe
• shakers
• additional instruments or hired musicians available upon request. 


With Edited, Mixed & Mastered Audio File emailed 1-week after session:  $1500



A day in nature with coaching and preparation to reconnect with your voice and wisdom; a session in a first-class recording studio nestled in the Californian Coastal redwoods. Mixing, editing and mastering sessions for a professional audio product ready for distribution.  
One recording session + mixing, editing, mastering: $4500
Two-day recording sessions + mixing, editing, mastering: $7000
Overnight lodging available for additional $200