Each of us was born with a song inside our soul, though it is all too common that at some point in our lives we've been told to stop singing or have been laughed at or ridiculed for vocalizing our truth. It is also common to judge a good voice versus a bad voice. There are television shows dedicated to this very idea. These ideas can weigh heavily in our psyche and result in either not singing at all or developing a voice that mimics a popular voice. 

Through various exercises, I work with you to step out of the analytical mind and to simply feel how your voice resonates in your body. Through this technique, you naturally uncover your authentic voice and begin a rich and exciting journey of sound and limitless discovery. 

How authentic your voice is becomes your guide--not how perfect the pitch is or the quality of the vibrato. What you'll find is that those naturally develop as you tap into your true voice.

This course is an act of discovery and a curious mind is a great place to start. 

Benefits include
• stress relief
• knowing your true self
• happiness & joy
• clear communication
• confidence
• positive thinking


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Individual 60-min sessions in San Francisco: $85

Individual 60-min phone sessions: $70




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